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Doing Business in Dinwiddie
Year after year, Virginia consistently ranks high in the corporate and financial world as the top state in which to do business. Virginia is a leader in low-cost, high-reward operations efficiency thanks, in part, to the fiscal responsibility exercised by state leadership and the leadership of its cities and counties.

Dinwiddie County is a key player in cost efficiencies for its business community. That is partly why so many notable companies make the county home for their corporate and operational needs.

  • Local Taxes - Businesses are levied a business property tax and applicable business license fees depending on industry
  • Sales and Use Tax - 5.3 total: 4.3% state, 1% local
  • Meals Tax- 4%
  • Corporate Income Taxes - Virginia has maintained a 6% corporate income tax rate for the last 41 years, since 1972

All businesses must register with the Commissioner of Revenue’s office and must carry a local business license. Find additional information about county taxes.

Taxes on Non-Manufacturers
Real Estate Rate
Nominal tax rate per $100 of assessed valuation $0.79
Assessment ratio (percent of fair market value taxable) 100%
Note: District levels may be imposed in addition to basic or city levy.

Tangible Personal Property (Business, Furniture & Fixtures) Rate
Nominal tax rate per $100 of assessed valuation $4.90
Value used for tax purposes Original cost
Assessment ratio (in years)
1 or more 20%
Note: District levels may be imposed in addition to basic or city levy.

Automobiles & Trucks (Less than Two Tons)  Rate
Nominal tax rate per $100 of assessed valuation $4.90
Value used for tax purposes Average Loan
Assessment ratio 100%
Note: District levies may be imposed in addition to basic county or city levy. For large trucks, the nominal tax rate is the same; however, the method of assessment and/or the assessment ratio may be different.

Utility Purchases Rate
Electric 20% of min. charge + $0.01660 on first 100 kWh, $0014863/kWh on excess
Gas 20% of min. charge + $0.15566/CCF ($30 max)
Note: Tax rate is for monthly bills. Portions of electric bills are exempt in some localities.

Business License Rate
License Fee (imposed in addition to rate) $0.00
Wholesalers and Distributors $0.05
Business Services $0.30
Financial Services $0.45
Mail Order Firms N/A
Note: Tax rates shown are based on the threshold amount for that locality. In addition, some localities charge a fee for the issuance of a license and/or charge different tax rates based on the amount of the business’ gross receipts or purchases.

Property & Equipment Tax Exemptions
Rehabilitated Commercial or Industrial Real Estate No
Certified Pollution Control Property Yes
Energy Conversion and Cogeneration Equipment Yes
Certified Solar Energy Property Yes
Certified Recycling Equipment Yes

Incentives & Financing
Virginia is all about business and making deals happen. As such, Virginia’s localities has a host of financing options and incentive tools available to help create win-win opportunities for its communities and business partners alike.