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Public School Enrollment Fall 2016 
Level Number Enrollment
Elementary 5 2,047
Middle 1 998
High School 1 1,349

Student Teacher Ratio Fiscal Year 2015
Level Ratio
Elementary 13:1
Secondary 13:1

Per Pupil Expenditure: $9,880

Educational Attainment
Type of Attainment Rate (%)
On-Time Graduation (Class of 2016) 87.0
High School Graduates Continuing Education (2015-2016) 59.5
Population age 25+ who are high school graduates (2011-2015) 81.8
Population age 25+ who have earned a Bachelor's Degree or higher (2011-2015) 15.3

Type of Attainment Number of People
High School Graduates Not Continuing (2015-2016) 133
Two-Year College Graduates (Spring 2016) 2,985
Two-Year College Enrollees (Fall 2016) 35,302
Other College and University Graduates (Spring 2016) 1,020

Advanced Programs 2015 - 2016
Type of Advancement Number of Students
Governor's School Enrollment 19
Students taking one or more Advanced Placement (AP) Courses 88
Students taking one or more AP Exams 12
Students taking one or more College Course 119

Career Readiness Certificate 
Virginia’s Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) assists employers by certifying that a recipient possesses core skills in applied math, reading for information, and locating information. The CRC certification is based on established WorkKeys ® assessment tests. Virginia uses a three-tiered approach (bronze, silver, and gold) to credentialing certificate holders that is based on the recipient’s level of development skills. The following statistics were taken from January 1, 2015, through May 31, 2016:
Area Number of Certificates
Dinwiddie County 40
Extended Labor Market Area 2,344
Total 2,384