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Virginia is all about business and making deals happen. As such, Virginia's localities have a host of financing options and incentive tools available to help create win-win opportunities for its communities and business partners alike.

For a comprehensive guide to Virginia’s business incentives, please see A Virginia Guide To Business Incentives.

Tobacco Region Incentives Grant Program Objectives
View the list of incentive programs in the region:
  • Economic Development Program - Building regional economic development capacity to diversify the economic base through creation or improvement of sites, buildings and utility infrastructure, workforce training facilities, tourism infrastructure etc. Two economic development committees exist, one for each region (note that Southside Economic Development funds are distributed under a formula that allocates the funds based on tobacco employment, warehousing and quota in each locality).   
  • Special Projects - Implement projects that are innovative in nature and regional in their impacts.
  • Education - Prepare citizens for new-economy employment through GED and workforce development, higher education scholarship programs for the two regions, and competitive grants to community colleges and other educational entities.  
  • Agribusiness - Encourage regional efforts that reduce dependency on tobacco and provide value-added crops, livestock, products, facilities, etc.
  • Reserve - Use commission dollars to attract non-Commission dollars (e.g., federal stimulus) to projects in Southside and Southwest Virginia.
  • Research and Development - Provide a cost-shared incentive to attract public and private research and commercialization projects to the tobacco region.